National access point

About NAP

The NAP Slovenia is a national web portal that provides users with real-time access to traffic data and data on the public network of electric vehicle charging points. The portal is also upgraded with travel data to support multimodal mobility, and with data on refuelling points for other alternative fuels in transport (hydrogen, compressed and liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.).
The NAP Slovenia was set up in accordance with the commitments under EU directives and delegated regulations, and the NAP aims to provide easy access, the exchange and reuse of information related to transport, travel (multimodal mobility) and public charging and refuelling infrastructure for alternative fuels in transport.
The National Traffic Management Centre (NTMC) obtains, analyses, processes, manages and publishes data for end users and product developers at the NAP.



IPPT timetables

Access and review the digital timetables of buses and passenger trains in Slovenia (Integrated Public Passenger Transport).


The definition of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is hierarchical and linked to several levels, a charging point being the basic unit. The charging point is managed by the operator (CPO) through the back-end computer system, and the charging service is supported by the mobility service provider (MSP).

ID Registration Organisation (IDRO)

The Registration Office for recording and registering ID codes in the area of charging/refuelling infrastructure for alternative fuels in transport enables the registration of all types of IDs via the PROMETEJ computer application.